ICA 2021 Virtual Conference

Empowering Knowledge Societies in the 21st Century 


Join us for the first ICA virtual Conference, Empowering Knowledge Societies, scheduled for the week of October 25, 2021. This event is an opportunity for the profession from all over the world to share innovative ideas and research on the changes, practices, and actions in the archives and records management fields.  

This year, ICA is expanding the conversation started during #EmpoweringArchives to a broader debate on Empowering Knowledge Societies in an event built with a myriad of voices from the international archival and records management communities.  

The archival, records and data landscape in the 21st century is changing public expectations, about how we do our work, what constitutes credible evidence and how we protect and make accessible our holdings. It is time for our profession to discuss, reflect and challenge existing practices to explore and expand the critical role played by archives and records professionals in 21st century knowledge societies.  

One of those challenges is to decolonize our archival principles with Indigenous knowledge methods, as stated in the Tandanya Declaration. This means “(…) to bring new dynamics of spirituality, ecology and Indigenous philosophy into the European traditions of archival memory.”  

The 21st century information challenges do not simply belong to archives and records professionals, they belong to everyone, so let’s share ideas and build networks to empower our knowledge societies! 

You’re invited! Sign up, register and do not miss out on being part of the ICA network!  

David Fricker 

ICA President 


PLEASE NOTE THAT REGISTRATIONS AND THE OFFICIAL CONFERENCE WEBSITE WILL BE LAUNCHED IN SEPTEMBER. Keep up to date by checking the ICA website and social media channels for information!