ICA now invites proposals from ICA bodies and voting members (categories A, B and C) to host the Annual Conferences in 2018 and 2019.

For 2018, ICA is seeking proposals from ICA bodies and voting members in Africa only.

For 2019, ICA is seeking proposals from ICA bodies and voting members who would be interested in taking the lead in developing the professional programme for the Conference.  ICA wishes to contribute some professional sessions and to hold its usual governance meetings, including an Executive Board and a General Assembly.

In putting together their proposals, members are strongly advised to follow the "ICA Guide" and the "Notes for Prospective Hosts" below.

If members have any questions, they should contact David Leitch, Secretary General (leitch@ica.org). Completed proposals should reach him, with a copy to Philippe Bruneau (bruneau@ica.org), by 27 March 2017 at the latest.

It is likely that, following consideration of the proposals by the Elected Officers and the Executive Board, the final decision on conference hosts for 2018 and 2019 will be known before the end of May 2017.  Priority will be given to choosing the 2018 host first.


Becoming a host country for the next ICA Annual Conference is:

- Expanding your own professional archival networks,
- Increasing the visibility of your institution internationally,
- Promoting the professional standing of your institution,
- Participating in the development of a high quality professional program,
- Expanding local, regional and international partnerships,
- Taking advantage of the ICA’s significant experience and long-standing brand,
- Developing a quality approach to setting up the event,
- Benefiting from the waiving of your ICA annual fees for the year concerned.