ICA By Its members For Its Members

Dr Anthea Seles, ICA Secretary General / Secrétaire générale de l'ICA / Secretaria General del ICA | 28 May 2019

The International Council on Archives is a member funded organisation and it is thanks to its members that ICA is able to:  ‘promote the central role of record-keeping and archives in protecting the rights of individuals and states, and in supporting democracy and good governance’. ICA members give not only money but their time and expertise by volunteering, often with the support of their institutions, to help the organisation achieve its vision by serving on various committees, offering workshops and papers, or even siting on ICA governance committees.

This year ICA is undergoing a strategic review process and deciding what it should do over the next four (4) years. Given the key contributions that members make to ICA, every single one of you should have the opportunity to give us your thoughts and views about our priorities for the next four years. Tell us what we do well, where we need to improve and where we need to go.

As part of the strategic review process, we are going to be running surveys, holding focus groups and carrying out interviews. We will not be able to carry out a focus group or interview all of you, but one way where everyone can contribute is by participating in the surveys we will be running as part of the strategic review process!

As Secretary General, I want to hear from everyone whether you are a student, new professional or established professional, regardless of where you are in the world or how you choose to define yourself: archivist, data curator, digital archivist, records manager, digital preservation specialist, digital humanities expert, professor or whatever the designation. We want to hear from the international records and archives profession.

The surveys will be launched at the beginning of June, so have a look out on social media, the ICA list-serve and the ICA website, and then share your thoughts, ideas and vision with us! (Deadline Friday 28 June)

For me this process and the resulting vision is about ICA By Its Members, For Its Members!