ICA Congress Closing Ceremony Address by President ICA

ICA President, David Fricker | 9 September 2016

9th September 2016 – InterContinental Seoul COEX, Korea

À l’attention de chacun d’entre vous, je souhaite faire part de mes remerciements : thank you, merci, gracias, tanku tumas, shukran, spaseba, kamsahamnida

Merci de votre présence à cet événement qui fut l’occasion de célébrer les archives, l’harmonie et l’amitié.

Over the past 5 days we have enjoyed a hectic schedule of workshops, governance meetings, keynote addresses, plenary and concurrent sessions and many opportunities to enjoy each other’s company and the intricate beauty of Korean culture.

Before the break we heard an excellent summation of professional programme highlights delivered by some of our new professionals under Margaret Turner’s wise leadership.

There is no need for me to repeat any of that. I would however like to share some of the week’s highlights for me as an archives and records professional, as a leader of a national archival institution and as President of the International Council on Archives.

It is clear that we, as archivists, touch every part of society, whether it be business, government, and of course individuals and their communities.  And now we are performing this role in an increasingly globalised, hyper-connected world community.

The topics we have covered remind me that we do this across space and time.  We make it possible  for societies to hear the voices of the past, and speak to the unborn.

I have been reminded that in this task we face many challenges – technology, regulatory frameworks, and international cooperation.

The way ahead – the right way ahead - is not easy, nor is it obvious.  But this Congress, and by that I mean all of you have given me great optimism that we can and will find solutions.

Through Harmony, and Friendship.

Without our commercial supporters and generous hosts, events like this one wouldn’t happen. Quadrennial congresses are flagship professional events of the ICA. Events that the Executive Board has recently confirmed its commitment to. This past week has made me appreciate just how important this commitment is. I would like to thank the ICA Secretariat and the volunteer effort from many parts of the ICA that have dedicated so much effort and professionalism to this Congress

Mr Sang-Jin Lee, I congratulate you and your team on a spectacular event. Thank you for sharing your culture with us and for welcoming us so warmly to your country.

Chers délégués, surtout, restez en contact les uns avec les autres. Continuez de travailler ensemble, pour construire un avenir de partage et de solutions par la sensibilité culturelle, la justice et la coopération.