ICA expresses its solidarity with Mexico and ongoing disaster relief

The ICA’s Elected Officers, Executive Board, and Secretariat wish to express their deep concern about the second earthquake in Mexico. We note that Mexico has also suffered two hurricanes of late.

The ICA is in touch with representatives of ALA, our branch in the region, and will endeavor to keep members apprised of efforts regarding assistance that may be provided.

During this very difficult period of earthquakes and hurricanes affecting our colleagues in Mexico and the Caribbean, the ICA's commitment to international solidarity will not waver.

The ICA has received many expressions of concern from members, seeking to actively support those affected. We continue to work to support assistance to archives and archivists. At present, securing the essentials of life is the priority. For this reason, we encourage all who can to make direct contributions to international aid organizations such as the international and regional branches of UNICEF and the Red Cross.

Members are also asking about any possible impact on the annual conference ALA-ICA 2017 this November. Our understanding is that the National Archives building is being assessed for possible damage, but that the staff is safe. The conference is currently expected to go ahead as planned.