ICA Invites You to Make Donations to State Archival Service of Ukraine

A Ukrainian charity account is open to support archives during wartime 

At the beginning of this month, a charity account to support archival institutions in Ukraine amidst Russian aggression against Ukraine, was created. This is an initiative from the State Archival Service of Ukraine, and it is aiming to help preserve the documentary heritage of Ukraine. 

Anatolii Khromov, Head of the State Archive Service of Ukraine, states that “due to the constant danger of bombings and active hostilities unleashed by the aggressor state, it is urgently necessary to equip new storage facilities for the evacuation of archives located close to the front line.” 

He also highlights the importance of donating to this fund at this time of the year. “Archivists of Ukraine are genuinely grateful to everyone who will respond and help to prepare for the autumn-winter period, which this year will be more difficult than ever for people and for the documents. Funds received in the charity account will first of all be used for these, the most urgent needs in wartime, the needs of Ukrainian archives, as well as for the relevant equipment". 

Find out more information, including how to donate, here