ICA Programme Commission Nomination

If you are an experienced archives or records professional interested in contributing your energy to ICA and are (or work for) an ICA member in good standing, use this form to nominate yourself for election to a seat on PCOM.

We especially encourage those whose participation would help PCOM achieve greater diversity in geography, gender, or area of expertise. No previous experience with PCOM is necessary; you can learn more about the existing structure of PCOM and its activities on the web page of the ICA Programme Commission; the News from PCOM tab provides information about discussions at recent meetings. PCOM members are expected to dedicate several hours a week to PCOM business when required, although this is not every week. There are two full PCOM meetings each year.

Nominations are open from August 9 to September 8, and elections will be held the last two weeks of September. Newly elected PCOM members will be invited to take part in the virtual PCOM meeting scheduled for mid-October 2021.