ICA-Req Implementation Guidance

Date Added:

12 November 2013

ICA-Req outlines a set of requirements aimed at ensuring that recordkeeping functionalities are incorporated into the design and architecture of business systems. ICA –Req has immense value as a standard but there is a need for additional guidance and training on how to implement its high level principles and functionalities it into a variety of business environments and business systems. 

The following documents are available below:

  • Information brochure for Managers
  • Information brochure for Auditors and Ombudsmen
  • Information brochure for Software Vendors
  • Information brochure for Records Professionals
  • Information brochure for IT professionals 
  • Case study - Implementation of ICA-Req Module 3 in a Queensland State Government Department (Australia)

Click here to see the following documents (for members only)

  • Implementation Guidance for ICA-Req Module 1
  • Implementation Guidance for ICA-Req Module 3
  • Recordkeeping Requirements for database based business systems
  • Recordkeeping Requirements for business systems that do not manage records
  • Recordkeeping Requirements for multiple functions supported by one business system
  • Digital readiness Assessment tool
  • Functional Requirement Checklist for ICA-Req Module 2
  • Functional Requirement Checklist for ICA-Req Module 3