ICA ressources

Declarations, statements

Universal declaration on Archives

PARBICA Declaration on Recordkeeping for Good Governance, 2005 (in English only)

Declaration by the Association for the Development of Documentary Activities in Benin (ADADB), 2004 


Promotional tools

Records and Archives of Ivory Coast Public Treasure : memory of an administration and good governance tool - Video, in French only.


Articles, papers, reports

 Access and Accountability : Democratization of Information in Post‐Conflict Societies by
Anneli Sundqvist, ICA International Congress, 2008.



 ICA Study n° 19 : includes articles on access and data protection, authenticity, principles for archives and records legislation- ICA Committee on Legal Matters, 2004.   

ICA Study n°15 - Parliamentary Insituttions: the criteria for appraising and selecting documents- ICA Section of archives and archivists of parliaments and political parties, 2003. This study is available in English and Spanish.

Toolkits, manuals and guidelines

 The Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit - PARBICA,  2007-2010.

Manual on Appraisal , draft version - ICA Committee on Appraisal, 2005.

Draft principles for records and archives legislation , 2004

Guía para la organización y control del expediente de archivo , primera edición- Alicia Barnard Amozorrutia, published by ALA, 2002. Available only in Spanish.



 ICA-Req ,  Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments, 2008. Also available in French and Spanish.




You will fruitfully visit the following websites which provides tools and examples. If you want to use them, please contact the organization or institution responsible for them. 


Archives New Zealand's Continuum Resource Kit. For more information, contact


National Archives of Australia's "records management " page of the website.

National Archives and Records Administration's Records Management Handbook (US)

The National Archives' Records Management Guidance (UK)

Information management page on the Library and Archives Canada website

The Swiss Federal Archives GEVER guide 

 The IRMT (International Records management Trust) website.