ICA Training Programme Online Workshops 2021

Come and join us for an exciting programme of FREE workshops! The workshops are offered as part of Empowering Knowledge Societies and facilitated by experts from around the world. The workshops will be offered between the beginning of October to mid-November 2021. This opportunity is only open to ICA members in good standing so please make sure your membership dues are up to date.

Workshop places are limited to between 25-30 participants depending on the workshop so make sure you sign up early, but if you cannot attend then we ask you please to alert the Secretariat. The ICA Secretariat will be confirming your attendance prior to the workshop and you will have 48 hours to reconfirm your participation. Non-responses will be removed from the list of participants. If in the meantime you learn that you cannot attend, please alert the Secretariat so that your space can be given to someone else.

There will be a waiting list created for oversubscribed workshops, but please note that we will only contact waiting list participants if there is a place available.

Please read the following requirements carefully: 

  • By signing up you are committing to attend the entire workshop: 
    • If you do not attend the whole workshop from start to finish you will not receive a certificate of attendance 
    • Please make sure you check the workshop time. All workshops are listed in Central European Time (CET) 
    • If you do not attend the workshop and have not told the ICA Secretariat that you were unable to attend, you will not be eligible to sign up for any other workshop even if your organisation is in good standing 
  • You may not share the workshop zoom link with anyone. People who attempt to join and have not registered will not be admitted into the workshop 
  • Please make sure that you include your FULL first and last name in the registration form so that we know who to expect at the workshop. Only one registration per email address will be accepted. 

Only the Digital Asset Management Systems (Workshop 1) and Digital Humanities (Workshop 3) will be recorded and made available to ICA members only after the workshops.


Workshop 1: Digital Asset Management Systems and managing photographic collections (1 October, 2021- 09:30-12:30 CET/17:30-20:30 AEST)

Many archives struggle with how best to manage, preserve and provide access to their photographic collections. Limited resources may seem an impediment to sustainable solutions, but by starting small and framing the processes against international metadata standards it is possible to establish a solid framework for ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of both born-digital and digitised images. This workshop will provide practical, creative solutions for small and large-scale photographic collections.

This workshop will be taught by Julia Mant, who is a professional archivist and former President of the Australian Society Archivists (ASA). She has worked on a variety of photographic projects and in 2012 edited the Dr. J. Gumbula’s Mali’Buku-Ruŋanmaram: Images from Miliŋinbi (Milingimbi) and surrounds, which received a Mander-Jones Award from the ASA in 2012.

Maximum number of participants: 30

Language: English 



Workshop 2: Managing Digital Archives (2 Day workshop) (15 October, 2021- 15:00-18:30 CET and 1 November 2021 15:00-18:30 CET)

Managing Digital Archives is a virtual workshop based on some of the materials from ICA’s online course of the same name. It aims to provide participants with an understanding of the challenges and requirements for managing and preserving digital archives over time. It also aims to de-mystify some of the technological issues that can seem daunting when beginning to manage digital archives. This workshop will offered over two sessions and participants should be aware that if they sign up for this workshop then they are required to attend both sessions.

The workshop will be taught by James Lowry, Director of the Archival Technologies Lab (ATL) at Queens College, City University of New York and Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies; Nancy Y. McGovern, Director of Digital Preservation at MIT Libraries and of the Digital Preservation Management (DPM) workshop series; Kari R Smith, Senior Instructor and Project Manager, Digital Preservation Management (DPM)Workshops and Margaret Crockett, ICA Training Officer and Consultant Archivist and Records Manager.

Maximum number of participants: 30

Language: English 



Workshop 3: WIDH@ICA2021: An Introduction to Digital Humanities (15 November 2021- 12:00-15:45 CET)

WIDH@ICA2021 is a half-day remote workshop consisting of a series of short presentations, providing participants with an opportunity to learn about a variety of approaches in the contemporary digital humanities landscape: handwritten text recognition platforms for transcription, images as data, geospatial tools and their research applications in archives, as well as image research data management. We assume no previous knowledge in digital humanities and seats in the workshop are limited.

Are you curious how digital humanities can support and expand your research and professional practice? The half-day remote workshop WIDH@ICA2021 offers an opportunity to learn about digital humanities theory and practice. It draws upon expertise of workshop leaders from the NYU Abu Dhabi Winter Institute in Digital Humanities, which was held in January 2020 (wp.nyu.edu/widh/widh2020/) and in February 2021(wp.nyu.edu/widh/widhnycdh-2021/).

There are four facilitators for this workshop David Joseph Wrisley, Associate Professor of Digital Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi; Suphan Kirmizialtin, Visiting Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern History at NYU Abu Dhabi; Beth Russell, Head, Center for Digital Scholarship and Associate Academic Librarian for the Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi; Estelle Guéville, Assistant Researcher at the Louvre Abu Dhabi; and Carol Chiodo Librarian for Collections and Digital Scholarship for the Americas.

Maximum number of participants: 25

Language: English


Workshop 4: Introduction to Copyright for Archivists (18 November 2021- 14:00-17:00 CET)

The goal of this half-day workshop is to introduce archivists to copyright law, to enhance their understanding of how copyright directly affects the archival functions of preservation and access, and to provide archivists with tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their national copyright law so they can advocate for changes. The workshop is suitable for anyone concerned with understanding of, compliance with or advocating for copyright legislation which affects the management of archives and their access by researchers.

The workshop will be taught by Dr. Jean Dryden who is an archival consultant and scholar in Toronto, Canada, and a recognized expert on copyright in archival materials.

Maximum number of participants: 30

Language: English 

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