ICA Yaounde 2018 Call for Posters / CLOSED

ICA YAOUNDE 2018 Programme Committee | 31 May 2018


Many thanks to all those who submitted paper proposals for the ICA YAOUNDE 2018 Conference Programme. The ICA YAOUNDE 2018 Programme Committee now invites submissions for the Poster Exhibition, to be presented at the conference venue in the Exhibition Area.

From those submitted during the application period, 15 posters will be chosen and displayed at the Conference. Presenters will have the opportunity to explain their posters and interact with attendees.


If you have already submitted a poster to the conference, there is no need to do so again; your proposal will be considered as part of the overall poster process.

The current poster submission process is open to:

  • ICA New Professionals Cohort 2018
  • ICA New Professionals Cohort Alumni (those selected as part of the ICA New Professionals process of past years)
  • Students in the last year of their License programme, and Masters or Doctoral students at any stage of study, in Cameroon higher education institutions that provide training and programmes in archives and record keeping
  • Graduates from Cameroon higher education institutions from 2013 to 2017 with a concentration in information management and archives


Posters may be about any topic relevant to the themes of the Conference: Archives: Governance, Memory and Heritage. The text of the poster must be in French or English.

The submission must include:

  • Full name of the author(s) and professional affiliation (if any)
  • Poster title
  • Poster description in a maximum of 250 words
  • Digital file in PDF format; poster must include the conference logo (attached)
  • Format of poster is a maximum of 1m x 2m, displayed vertically
  • Attestation that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria set out above.

Accepted presenters must print their posters and bring them to the conference. Interactive (electronic) posters may be accommodated if possible. If your poster is in an electronic or alternative format and it is accepted for display, please contact programme@ica.org to determine if your format can be accommodated in the exhibition area.


How to submit a poster

Applicants, or a group of up to 6 applicants, must submit their poster in electronic format by email at: programme@ica.org, with ICA YAOUNDE POSTER SUBMISSION in the subject line.

The deadline for applications is 30/06/2018 at 23:59 CEST (Time in France). Late submissions will not be assessed.

Any questions regarding the poster contest may be sent to programme@ica.org.

How will the selection be made?

From those submitted during the application period, 15 posters will be chosen by the ICA YAOUNDE 2018 Programme Committee. Criteria used to select the posters to be displayed may include:

  • Research relevant to present challenges in the archival profession, including contributions linked to ICA projects
  • Relevance to the themes of the Conference
  • Contribution or link to the archival profession in Africa
  • Appropriate approach and adherence to international standards of research
  • Quality and originality of content
  • Use of resources and proper source citation
  • Overall visual appeal


We look forward to receiving your submissions!