ICA members throughout the world will be immensely saddened to learn that Mitsuoki Kikuchi, one of our organization’s most effective office-bearers and supporters in recent years, died in Tokyo on 7 October 2017.

Mike, as he was affectionately known by all in ICA, graduated in law from Tokyo University in 1967. He then enjoyed a distinguished career in government administration before his appointment as President of the National Archives of Japan (NAJ) in 2001. Four years later, he was appointed ICA Vice-President for the annual CITRA (International Round Table on Archives). In this capacity he made huge progress with his mastery of the English language, which he was able to speak fluently at ICA meetings. He and his team from NAJ were meticulous in their preparation for all CITRA meetings and constantly alert to the need to manage cultural sensitivities.  His service as Vice-President was recognized when he was made a Fellow of ICA at the Kuala Lumpur Congress in 2008. Thereafter he served as a very committed Trustee of the revived Fund for the International Development of Archives (FIDA) for several years.

Mike’s much valued advice was based on a lifetime of service in senior positions. He exuded a quiet authority that commanded instant respect. He did not participate in ICA for the sake of his career but rather to advance the worthy cause of international cooperation in archives, in which he deeply believed.

Mike’s funeral took place in Tokyo on 17 October.  ICA will be organizing a tribute to him at the forthcoming annual Conference in Mexico City.

Vice-President Mitsuoki Kikuchi met Mr. Utsumi, Secretary General of ITU, July 2006

From left ro right: Vice-President Mr Mitsuoki Mitsuoki Kikuchi met Mr. Utsumi, Secretary General of ITU, July 2006