The International Archives Day in 2013

6th International Archives Day: a great occasion for the whole network!

International Archives Day, 9 June, will mark the start of a series of activities organized by members of the ICA all over the world. Exhibitions, conferences, visits, debates and other events will be organized to promote archives and the archives profession.

Through International Archives Day, we can:

  • make the public aware of the importance of archives, underpinning their rights and their identity;
  • Make the decision-makers aware of the advantages of good record-keeping for good governance and well-planned development;
  • Make both public and private sectors aware of the need to preserve archives over the long term, and to facilitate access to them;
  • Promote and make known unique, extraordinary and rare documents preserved in archives to a broad section of the public;
  • Improve the perception that people have of archives and raise their profile globally.


So this year, let’s once again demonstrate our commitment to the cause of archives by sharing our ideas, photographs and projects with the whole ICA network.

Find out what other countries have organized in 2013:


To celebrate this 6th International Archives Day, the International Council on Archives has produced a poster, in French, in English and in Spanish, which you can download below.

If you would like to translate this poster into another language, you can send an e-mail to to obtain the template.