The International Archives Day 2013 in Australia

Get the latest digitised archives

The National Archives of Australia has created its own SODA stream to alert people to recently digitised records from its collection of more than 50 million items.
With International Archives Day this Sunday 9 June, the National Archives is promoting SODA (Stream of Digital Archives), a website that is updated daily, adding all archival records from its collection that have been digitised in the previous 24 hours.

‘International Archives Day is another opportunity to celebrate our continuing collaboration with both Australian and international archival institutions,’ said Director-General David Fricker. ‘This collaboration allows us to share experiences, skills and new technologies, all leading to innovative ways to access archival records. ‘
With between 100 and 1000 records digitised each day, SODA provides a handy reference point for researchers interested in specific subjects who would like early access to online records. Digital records include photographs, service records, migrant and naturalisation applications, historic documents, passenger lists and much more. Over 8,000 new digital records have been created in the past month.

‘We’re very proud of our new website SODA which allows people to receive alerts when newly digitised records include their areas of interest,’ said Zoe D’Arcy, Director of Digital and Online Access at the National Archives. ‘They can also share the digitised records on their favourite social media, print them out or export them as pdf files.’

International Archives Day is held on 9 June each year to highlight the importance of archives, the need to preserve them for the long term and to provide easy public access to them.

SODA can be accessed through the National Archives home page or directly at .