International Seminar on Archives of Iberian Tradition (SIATI)

2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Association of Latin American Archivists (ALA) and, to celebrate this event, ALA is pleased to invite the archival community in the region to the 2023 international seminar to take place on 28-30 March in Toluca, Mexico. 

At this event, Josée Kirps, ICA President, will be speaking during the session entitled “Innovation, technology, open government / Access to information and transparency. Challenges and opportunities”. Her presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, 29 March.  

On the same day, Antonio González, Mariana Nazar and Ramón Alberch, members of the ICA Section on Archives and Human Rights (SAHR), will present the book Archivos y Derechos Humanos. Una perspectiva mundial.  

Find out more about the professional programme for this event here

SIATI and translation of the SAHR publication have been supported by the International Council on Archives (ICA) through the Programme Commission (PCOM)