It's a wrap! #ICAEKS2021 Workshop Recordings Are Now Available

The completion of our final free #ICAEKS2021 workshop officially brings to a close all of our #ICAEKS2021 activities. As part of the #ICAEKS2021 Virtual Conference, we were able to hold four free workshops for ICA members. The four workshops covered a variety of relevant topics including digital asset management systems, managing digital archives, an introduction to Digital Humanities and copyright for archivists. 

Each workshop was open to 25-30 participants to create an interactive learning space.  


Didn’t get a chance to participate in the workshops? 

We are delighted to announce that the following two workshops are now available on our Youtube channel

Digital Asset Management systems and managing photographic collections: Practical strategies for small and community archives 

Many archives struggle with how best to manage, preserve and provide access to their photographic collections. Limited resources may seem an impediment to sustainable solutions, but by starting small and framing the processes against international metadata standards it is possible to establish a solid framework for ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of both born-digital and digitised images. This workshop, which was delivered in English, provided practical, creative solutions for small and large-scale photographic collections. 

Watch the full workshop here. 

WIDH@ICA2021: An Introduction to Digital Humanities 

WIDH@ICA2021 was a half-day remote workshop consisting of a series of short presentations, providing participants with an opportunity to learn about a variety of approaches in the contemporary digital humanities landscape: handwritten text recognition platforms for transcription, images as data, geospatial tools and their research applications in archives, as well as image research data management. 

Watch the full workshop here.


We are incredibly thankful to all our facilitators, who took the time to prepare all of this content and present it in a virtual learning format. We also want to thank all of those who participated in the workshops.  

We hope that others will benefit as much from these workshops as our participants did!