Lively PCOM meeting in Seoul

Programme Commission - PCOM | 6 September 2016

ICA’s Programme Commission’s (PCOM) meeting approved the HRWG Basic Principles as a working document, discussed PCOM’s priorities, challenges and resources, approved the Business Plan, discussed the implementation of the ICA Marketing Plan and learned about new initiatives in the New Professionals and Africa Programmes.

PCOM voted to adopt the HRWG Basic Principles as an ICA working document endorsed by PCOM. FAN will be delivering comments from the national archivists in early October 2016.

The meeting agreed that a liaison person between funded project teams and PCOM would be an asset and urged PCOM members to volunteer for these roles. A register covering PCOM's programmes, report and projects is now available and will be made widely available shortly.

PCOM Meeting 5 september 2016, Normand Charbonneau, Margaret Crockett, Monique Nielsen

PCOM Meeting 5 september 2016 by Christine Trembleau. From left to right : Normand Charbonneau, Margaret Crockett, Monique Nielsen

PCOM’s members discussed the VP Programme's paper on priorities, challenges and resources. The result of that discussion is a renewed emphasis on training coordination and on e-Learning as well as a need to better define the respective roles and responsibilities of expert and interest groups. New expert groups have been were created on:

  • Research Services and Outreach, chair to be determined
  • Legal Matters, chaired by Didier Grange
  • Shared Heritage, chaired by Njörður Sigurðsson

The PCOM Business Plan was presented and accepted by the members.

Christine Trembleau presented the first steps in the implementation of the ICA marketing plan which will eventually translate the strategy into marketing actions. It is crucial to launch new products, many of which emanate from PCOM, in order to increase the visibility of the ICA, thus generating more income and revenue, The visual image of the ICA is to be sharpened.

Cecile Fabris reported to the meeting that there are currently eight bursary holders under the New Professionals' Programme participating in the Congress in Seoul, . As well as the traditional programme, the ICA has introduced a mentoring scheme, in which mentors support the new professionals by helping them to network during the Congress.

PCOM also received a report on Africa programme by James Lowry who highlighted the cooperation with universities teaching archival disciplines in Africa as well as plans to revitalise some of the African branches.

Normand Charbonneau from Library and Archives Canada took charge of the meeting for the first time in Seoul, as Vice President Programme. PCOM membership will change this year as five of its members step down.