May's Resource of the Month - Digital Records Curation Programme

For this month resource of the month, we wanted to highlight the Digital Records Curation Programme (DRCP) created by ICA’s Africa Programme

This resource is available in English and a French version of the course is being published today.  

We have written a brief summary of this resource giving you an idea of its content as well as the reason why this course was chosen.  

Resource Summary  

Why we have selected it? 

We are releasing today a new French language edition that was created based on a training given in 2019 in Dakar, which will make this valuable resource available and adapted to the Francophone African context. The release of the French version in May coincides with African Heritage Month and African World Heritage Day. The African World Heritage Day (5 May) was proclaimed by the 38th session of the General Conference of UNESCO seven years ago. To join the efforts to celebrate the Continent’s unique cultural and documentary heritage, not only on this day but throughout the entire month, ICA, through the ICA Africa Programme, has prepared different activities. Highlighting this resource is one part of these wider activities. 

Increasingly, in order to preserve and make accessible archival heritage, it is necessary to work with digital records, as the bulk of records which are now being produced are born digital. Throughout the world, and in Africa in particular, there remains a great need for strengthening capacities and know-how in this area. The Digital Records Curation Programme is based on a “training-for-trainers” model aimed at amplifying the impact and dissemination of training." 

What would you find in this resource? 

The Digital Records Curation Programme (DRCP) is a set of teaching materials intended for low resource environments.  

The DRCP materials comprise:  

  • a Guide, which introduces the structure and terminology of the material; 
  • a course handbook (syllabus) that includes readings and resources for students; and 
  • for each class or workshop, a lesson plan with activities, and a set of presentation slides, which include notes for the instructors.  

The materials cover digital culture and the information society, digital records’ authenticity and reliability, digital and hybrid records management, metadata, file profiling, cloud computing, email management, digital preservation, information security, digital repositories and digital records appraisal, digitization, description and indexing, web and social media archiving and data management.  

The content has been created for low resource environments, without assumptions about access to the internet, equipment, or software. Wherever possible, the DRCP includes different options for teaching about digital preservation under resource constraints. There is also a focus on open access materials in the reading lists. 


Discover the resource by clicking here