Meeting of Architectural Records, archives of parliaments and political parties. The work of the archivists, architects and the users of the archives. Córdoba, 13th, 14th and 15th of April, 2016.

 The International Council of Archives and its activity throughout the Professional Sections.

The Sections of Archives and Archivists of Parliaments and Political Parties (SPP) and the Section of Architectural Records (SAR) consider that collaboration is also necessary in both matters, among other reasons, because Parliaments are usually located in relevant outstanding and representative buildings in all countries, either in historical, adapted and remodelled buildings or in buildings of new construction, whose projects and interventions must be well documented and appropriately preserved.
In the same way, the Archives of Political Parties must have adequate buildings or, if this is not possible, at least facilities to guard the documentation generated by these organisations which the latter are obliged to keep.
Apart from this, the necessary transparency which nowadays is demanded of political organisations in Spain will never exist if these political parties do not keep and manage their documents properly and have their own archives.



 SPP and SAR Meetings. Activities for the citizenship.   

SPP and SAR will hold a joint meeting in addition to their scheduled mandatory meetings with their own members.

With this purpose, the city of Córdoba (Spain) has been chosen due to its long tradition of both, its archives, known by the documental sources from the Middle Ages until our days, and its legal tradition which also dates from Ancient Times.

The meeting of the professional sections of the International Council of Archives is always an opportunity to meet up with the archivists and the people in charge of the archives in the cities and organisations where the reunion of the sections takes place and it is a challenge for the interchange of experiences and the promotion of the work of the International Council of Archives in favour of the community of archives and archivists.
For these reasons, both sections consider that several activities could be carried out in conjunction with the archives in Córdoba, from both, the city and the province, and its archivists and managers of documentation, being the Provincial Historical Archive of Córdoba its main defender and coordinator of the activities.

The Town Hall of Córdoba is the closest administration to the citizens; it is a ‘parliament’ and a place of debate and representation of the political parties so it would be the institution which could coordinate the participation of the political parties in relation to the transparency and the use of the documents and its archives.

 For further information, please download the programme below (in English and Spanish).