Mentoring Programme Call for Applications - Last Call!

This year’s Mentoring Programme Call for Applications is coming to a close today! Have you ever considered mentoring a new archival or records management professional? As part of the ICA’s New Professional Programme, we are looking for mid-career or senior records and archives professionals to serve as mentors for those selected to be part of the 2021-2022 cohort of Active New Professionals

A mentor commits 4-8 hours a month to liaise and support the Active New Professional that they are paired with, for a one-year period. This is an opportunity to offer support and provide advice on professional and career-oriented issues and to enhance the new professional’s experience with and understanding of the records management and archives profession.  

Are you interested? Today is the last day to apply! 

Full details about the Mentoring Programme and the application process can be found at  

If you have more questions about the Mentoring Programme, feel free to contact the Coordinator for the Mentoring Programme at