Mexico City 2017 Workshop: Archival buildings; standards and developments

This year in Mexico City the ICA’s Expert Group on Archive Buildings & Environments (EGABE) held a full day workshop on Sunday, November 26th, to address some of the issues inherent in the management and maintenance of archives storage, and the impacts of buildings. This workshop built on the successful model premiered at the Annual conference in Seoul, South Korea, in 2016, and explored themes suggested by the original workshop thus demonstrating responsiveness to the needs of the international community.


As before, the workshop was split into two distinct halves; the morning session consisted of three short talks, separated by group activities to explore the subjects covered, all managed by members of the EGABE who were on hand throughout to provide guidance and support. The subjects that were covered:

  • The use of standards for specifying archive buildings
  • Managing the digital space; the needs and requirements for the storage of digital data systems in archive buildings
  • The purpose of monitoring and the evaluation of data
  • Sustainable fire safety systems

To know more about this, please read the document hereunder available in French and English.