New languages for the Universal Declaration on Archives!

The Universal Declaration on Archives was adopted in September 2010 by the ICA General Assembly in Oslo, Norway. It is now being adopted more concretely by the members, who are actively translating  it into new languages. After Hebrew, Portuguese,  Romanian, Slovenian and Welsh, you will now be able to find Greek and  on the list of available languages.

The Greek translation was provided  by the Society of Greek Archivists. The International Council on Archives is grateful to this organization for its support of the UDA. As of today, the UDA has been translated into 17 languages.

An official translation of the UDA can be provided to ICA by governmental bodies, National Archives institutions, or professional associations. If you are volunteering to translate as an individual, ICA will refer to the National Archives institution or the professional association in your country to validate your translation.

To propose your translation, please contact: