New Professionals Contributors

The New Professionals newsletter editors are always seeking submissions to the newsletter.
Please contact them for more information by email at or on Facebook or Twitter.

ICA NP Newsletter Article Contributors

The New Professionals would like to thank the following contributors for their assistance to the Programme:

Eugenia Alves, Argentina
Leonardo Cisternas, Chile
María Fernanda Nogueira, Chile
Luciane Simões Medeiros, Chile
Fiona Aranguren Celorrio, Belgium
Emily McIntyre, United Kingdom
Mouhamadou Khaly Fall, Senegal
Abilyn Pua’ara, Solomon Islands
Elisabeth Thurlow, United Kingdom
Ryan Courchene, Canada
Sarah Conrad, USA
Laura Luca, United Kingdom
Kate Doughty, United Kingdom
Meg Venter, United Kingdom
Lydia Loriente, Australia
Claudio Ogass, Chile
Leonardo Chisternas, Chile
Robin Sampson, United Kingdom
Isabel Càceres, Chile
Cassandra Gorton, Australia
Sami Meddeb, Tunisia
Lydia Dean, United Kingdom
Li Zilin, China
Song Yi, China
Abilyn Pua’ara, Solomon Islands
Ashleigh Hawkins, United Kingdom
Charlotte Robinson, United Kingdom
Elisabeth Thurlow, United Kingdom
Sarah Conrad, United States of America
Laura Luca, United Kingdom
Kate Doughty, United Kingdom
Meg Venter, United Kingdom
Fiona Aranguren Celorrio, Belgium
Emily McIntyre, United KingdomMouhamadou Khaly
Fall, Senegal

ICA NP translators

Korotimi Samandoulougou, Burkina Faso                          French Translation
Kit geok kam, Singapore                                                    Chinese Translation
Teodora Tarnovetichi, Romania (working in Finland)         Romanian, German, Finnish Translation
Marion Lamy, France                                                          French Translation
Anna Sobczak, Poland (working in France)                       Polish Translation
Pimphot Seelakate, Thailand (studying in England)          Thai Translation
Desi Pratiwi, Indonesia                                                      Indonesian Translation

WeChat Official Account Facilitators and Translators

Yang Jiaxuan, China
Liu Ke, China
Ma Di, China
Kong Xiangsheng, China

WeChat Translators

Chen Yang, China
Jiao Chenyue, China
Meng Xianbo, China

ICA NP Facebook Page Contributors

Lydia Lorente, Australia