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The New Professionals newsletter features stories, advice and industry insight from new professionals from around the world. Subscribe to the newsletter here. The newsletter editors are always seeking submissions to the newsletter or help with translating content. Please contact them for more information via Facebook or Twitter or by email at 


Call for Articles 

Next issue will be released: October 2020 

The ICA New Professionals Programme invites all new professionals from across the globe in the broader discipline of archives and information management to share short stories and articles based on their work experience and endeavours.  

The objective of the ICA NP newsletter is to encourage the professional growth of all new professionals through sharing of their work activities, research projects and other experiences they encounter in the process of executing their tasks as information management practitioners. 

This is a great opportunity to be published, engage with the global ICA community, and get some practice on writing about your work and ideas.  

Please note that this is an open call - submissions to the newsletter need not follow a particular theme. 

Guidelines for submission 

  • 500 words maximum length 
  • Include photographs and illustrations where relevant 
  • Send submissions as a Microsoft Word document attachment to 
  • Your contribution could be sent in English, French or Spanish 
  • Contact us on Facebook or Twitter and we will be in touch with more details. 


We are also looking for people to help us with translation from English to Spanish and French for our future newsletters, so that we can share the content in all three languages. 

If you are able to assist us or have any questions about newsletter submissions please get in touch.  

Please contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter and we will be in touch with more details. 


Email any questions or concerns to 

Contact us on our Facebook page or on Twitter at @ICArchiv_NP



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