Online Learning: 1st online course on 6 May

Normand Charbonneau, Vice-President Programme & Margaret Crockett, Training Officer | 29 April 2019

From Monday 6th May you can follow an “Introduction to Records Management” course online with ICA


Dear colleagues,

ICA is very pleased to announce that its first online course will be ‘Introduction to Records Management’. The course offers a practical introduction to implementing the main elements of records management. It uses the PARBICA model policy, record plan and disposal schedule as a basis and explains how to tailor them to suit any organisation’s records management needs. Whilst the principles and concepts covered in the course are applicable to digital records, the focus is on paper-based records, particularly in the section on appraisal of non-current records. Here are a few of the topics covered in this course:

  •   Good governance, records and archives and how recordkeeping underpins good governance
  •   Contents of and implementation of records management policy
  •   Development and implementation of record plans for administrative and core functions
  •   Implementing disposal schedules
  •   Appraisal of non-current core business records


Normand Charbonneau                                                         Margaret Crockett

Vice-President Programmes                                                  Training Officer