Online Resource Centre

The ICA has been in operation since 1948.

From that date onwards, the organization has published numerous standards, articles and guides and has circulated papers on the results of research into professional practice relating to archives and records management.

You can have access to a description of these rich professional resources by using the online Resources Centre, whether you are a member of ICA or not.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have trouble in finding a particular document.

About the Resources Centre

All documents published before 31 December 2010 are available on free access.

After that date, publications are reserved for members of the organization, other than in a few exceptional cases: some resources can therefore be downloaded by everyone, while others can only be accessed by members of the organization.

Non-members wishing to download these documents should join ICA or contact the Secretariat.

Some documents are not available in a range of languages.

The International Council on Archives is gradually implementing a policy of translating the most important texts.

Whether you are a student or archives professional, member of ICA or simply a visitor, the Resources Centre is available to offer you the best in archival collaboration.