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Organising Family Archives - Demo for the Yaoundé Conference

This course explores taking care of family archives. It covers what they are, how to organise and list them, how to package and look after them so that they are properly preserved, what should be kept and what can be discarded, and how to create digital copies to share with family members. It is intended for the general public, no prior knowledge of using or working in archives is necessary. If you have collected or inherited papers and photographs that document your family and want to ensure that they can be understood and used by future generations, this is the course for you.


This course will be presented during the Yaoundé Conference. Please DO NOT pay by credit card for this course. Should you wish to see how the payment process works, select "Pay by Bank Transfer" in the payment options, and send an email to for further information


This Course contains 6 Sections. You will need to validate all 6 of them in order to finish the course and receive a completion certificate.


1. Family Archives

2. Organising Archives

3. Deciding What to Keep

4. Keeping Family Archives

5. Action Plan

6. Digitising the Family Archives



Margaret Crockett, ICA Training Officer



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