Pannel Discussion SLMT in Rome

SLMT  wishes to propose af panel for the ICA Conference that takes places in Rome 19-23 September and we would like to get proposals for individual papers/presentations from you.

A panel discussion is a 90-minute session consisting of three to five individuals discussing theories or perspectives on a given topic. Panel discussions should allow at least 15 minutes for questions from the audience.

The Board of SLMT has chosen this topic:

Archives and communities

Archives, perhaps most often locally or regionally based institutions, engage more and more in community activities. This panel discusses experience and best practice in this kind of engagement. The papers present projects of co-creation of communication, history-writing and record-keeping with local groups. They address how archives can develop new community partnerships and raise awareness of the histories of marginalized or otherwise underrepresented groups.

If you are interested in being part of the proposal for the ICA, please send the following

  • Title
  • Description of your paper or presentation (no more than 200 characters)
  • Language
  • Your name, institution and academic title

Please send your proposal to Chair Soren Bitsch Chrisensen, email, before March 10