The PARBICA Good Governance Toolkit goes “WARBICAN”


Colleagues from Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cameroon warmly welcomed in Accra, from 7 to 11 May, PARBICA experts who delivered a vivid a stimulating workshop on the “Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit”.


“It is no gainsaying the fact that records management is increasingly becoming a challenge for carrying out government business effectively, and for that matter, it is imperative for all of us to be concerned about the way we manage Government records”: Mrs. Bridget Katsriku, Chair of the Public Services Commission, perfectly set the scene in her highly relevant keynote address at the opening ceremony of the international workshop co-organized by the Programme Commission of ICA in the framework of its Good Governance Programme, and the Public Records and Archives Administration Department of Ghana (PRAAD).  



 PARBICA provided its now long-standing expertise on recordkeeping for good governance issues with two high level facilitators, Mark Crookston, former Secretary General of the branch, and Anna Gulbransen, current Secretary General.

M.K Kemevor, Head of Civil Service, representatives of the Auditor General and the Attorney general completed the prestigious panel of that opening session, and strongly expressed their support to good recordkeeping practices within government agencies, enhancing the relevance of the workshop in the Ghanaian context which includes the vote of the Freedom of Information Bill and the contribution of Ghana to the Open Government Initiative.

Christine Martinez, Deputy Secretary General Programme, emphasized the importance and relevance of the PARBICA toolkit for other ICA regions including WARBICA, and welcomed that experience of two ICA branches working together on a key project. Providing a complementary phase to the adaptation and translation of the toolkit for French-speaking African countries, that workshop was the second initiative in partnership with PARBICA to introduce the toolkit to African English-speaking countries (Mark Crookston presented it last year at the ESARBICA conference).

The participants’ amazing engagement and vitality turned the workshop into an exciting challenge for Mark and Anna who provided them with guidance and expertise from their PARBICA experience. The workshop resulted in important resolutions including the use and adaptation of the toolkit, starting with the recordkeeping policy.

And…what would be an African meeting without a warm, friendly atmosphere? The Ghanaian host had thought about it, and we could all relax on the dance floor after a stimulating, but busy week!

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Read Mrs Katsriku’s keynote address (attachment)