The PARBICA toolkit «Recordkeeping for good governance», a flagship project in the spotlight

The Australian Society of Archivists, at its annual conference held in Melbourne on 14-16 October 2010, decided to award the PARBICA toolkit «Recordkeeping for good governance» with the Mander Jones prize.


The award was received by Ross Gibbs, Director General of the National Archives of Australia, which largely contributed to the development of the tool.

ICA recently reported that Adrian Cunningham, National Archives of Australia, has been awarded by the Emmett Leahy Award, in particular because he contributed to the development and dissemination of the PARBICA toolkit «Recordkeeping for good governance». Once again, the toolkit is in the spotlight, this time directly awarded by the Australian Society of Archivists. This is a deserved tribute paid to PARBICA, which provided the framework to develop the toolkit, but most of all to the colleagues who have been working since 2005 to make this tool available to the PARBICA community. In addition to Archives New Zealand and a group of PARBICA members from across the Pacific, the NAA team played a key role. Our congratulations go to Mark Semmler, Dani Wickman, Liz Nannelli, Adrian Cunningham, Emma Buckley and Mark Crookston (Archives New Zealand), PARBICA Général secretary, who have led the development of this excellent product, and to their Director General, who included this important project in the NAA agenda.

The toolkit was developed thanks to the Australian and New Zealand cooperation agencies, AusAid and NZaid. The ICA Programme Commission is now supporting the adaptation of the toolkit into French, so that it can be disseminated in French speaking Africa and in Haïti.

News on PARBICA website.

The toolkit and the work in progress were successfully presented to a crowded room by Setareki Tale, President of PARBICA, and by Ross Gibbs at the CITRA 2010 in Oslo.

Ross Gibbs, Director-General of the National Archives of Australia and ICA Vice-President Congress (rear, third from the right) who has just accepted the Australian Society of Archivists' Mander Jones Award for the PARBICA Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit with Setareki Tale, Convenor of PARBICA and National Archivist of Fiji, Christine Martinez, Deputy Secretary-General of the ICA and representative of the French Society of Archivists and Hamidou Diallo, National Archivist of Burkina Faso at the PARBICA Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit: Helping Governments in Developing Countries to Make and Keep Records session at CITRA in Oslo on 15 September 2010.