Protection of Personal Data

ICA, during its Executive Board of March 14-15 2013, received the press release from the Association des archivistes français (AAF) on the proposed fate of personal data contained in a draft European regulation. ICA entirely shares the concerns expressed by France that this regulation could pave the way for the mass and indiscriminate destruction of personal data, much of which is of continuing administrative and enduring historical value.

Links to the note prepared by AAF and to the petition, which it has organized, are given here:

Archivists throughout the world are far from opposed to the protection of privacy. They recognise that the right to access for the citizen has to be weighed in the balance with the right to privacy. However, ICA now calls on all European decision makers to evaluate the potentially disastrous consequences of such a text on the archives of private and public institutions, as well as on citizens’rights. Instead there needs to be a serious and well informed debate on this key issue.