Records management

© Fabrizio Maltese, Archives Nationales de Luxembourg, 2011


Records management covers all aspects of managing records until they are destroyed – it does not cover management of archives within a dedicated archives organisation. It encompasses the management of current and non-current records and includes specifying IT systems. It covers the creation and capture of records and metadata, including format selection, managing authenticity and integrity and the use of digital signatures. Organising, maintaining and documenting current and non-current recordkeeping systems is also contained in this category, as is their migration. It includes appraising records for legal, regulatory and business value and setting retention periods. It also covers managing storage, surveying records, production and tracking of records, destruction of records or transfer of archival records to archives and documenting administrative history and administrative change. Information governance, security and vital records management are also found here. Resources supporting preservation for digital records (and archives) have been allocated to the digital preservation category of ICA’s online Resource Centre. 


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