Resource of the month: Chronology of Audiovisual Heritage

For this month resource of the month, we wanted to highlight a resource created by Centre de Recerca i Difusió de la Imatge (CRDI), from Girona City Hall for PAAG (Photographic and Audiovisual Archives Group) entitled “Chronology of Audiovisual Heritage”.  

We have written a brief summary of this resource giving you an idea of its content as well as the reason why it was chosen.  

Resource Summary    

Why we have selected it?  

To celebrate the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we wanted to feature a resource from the Audio-visual and photographic archives management category in our Online Resource Centre. Most of the resources in this category are the work of ICA’s Photographic and Audiovisual Archives Group (PAAG)

We have chosen the Chronology of Audiovisual Heritage to celebrate this day because it has a wide reach and is accessible to archivists as well as the general public. It was created to give a better knowledge of Audiovisual Heritage and its history.  

What will you find in this resource? 

Created by the Girona City Council through the Centre de Recerca i Difusió de la Imatge (CRDI) and the Cinema Museum, with the collaboration of the International Council on Archives (ICA), this resource is constituted by two products.  

First, a poster available in English, French, Spanish and Catalan that displays the history of audiovisual materials by dates and by media (Photography, Cinema, Sound, and Television and Video). These posters were created for the celebration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage in 2011.  

Then, a website was created and translated in English, French, Spanish and Catalan. It offers the users the possibility to browse the history of the different media that are a part of audiovisual heritage. By going on the website there is the option to learn about the history of Cinema, Photography, Amateur Film, Television and Video, and Sound. Clicking on one of those types of media will get you to a timeline that explains the history of the technology that made possible their creation and development. Searching by date will enable you to see how each media evolved in parallel with each other. To add to the interactive nature of this website, you will find photographs of the devices and technologies used over the years in the audiovisual field up to the 2010’s but also videos displaying the way some of those objects are used.  

As you will find in the description of the resource written by PAAG, this project aims to contribute to:   

  • Provide a common and universal tool for archivists, but also for the public, related to the production, management and preservation of photographic and audiovisual heritage. 
  • Provide knowledge about the morphology and functioning of the materials used in the determination of photographic and audiovisual information in order to contribute to a better preservation of documents. 
  • Make aware of the vulnerability of this heritage conditioned by the rapid obsolescence and degradation of the physical media. 
  • Contribute to celebrate the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (27 October) and the International Archives Day (9 June). 
  • Promote awareness and provide tools for the work of archivists in the field of photographic and audiovisual documentation. 
  • Highlight the importance of the development of those technologies as a way to record the memories of the people. 

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