Resource of the Month: ICA’s YouTube Playlists

For January’s resource of the month, we wanted to highlight the playlists that we have created on the recently updated ICA’s YouTube channel. In these playlists, we have compiled different videos and recordings of webinars, interviews and virtual sessions where ICA members and professionals connected to our network are presenting the work of the ICA groups, programmes and volunteers that are part of our global community. 

If you would like to know more about what ICA does, these playlists could be a great option to get familiar not only with some of the initiatives developed in the last years, but also with the practitioners that are playing an active role in the archival international sphere.  

Here is a brief summary of this resource, so you have an idea of where to start to explore this audiovisual content.   

Resource Summary      

Why we have selected it?    

In 2020, the ICA Secretariat in collaboration with volunteers started working on the update of the YouTube channel because of the increasing number of virtual sessions that were hosted this year to maintain contact with our members. One of the impacts of this emerging usage of virtuality was the design of a full program of webinars related to the campaign theme of #IAW2020, Empowering Knowledge Societies, for the celebration of the International Archives Week. This was the first virtual program organized by the ICA where virtual sessions were broadcast live to different viewers around the world. 

Our experience in 2020 allowed the ICA to start organizing virtual sessions for bringing together professionals in the archival and records management sector who were not able to meet if it was not for the flexibility offered by online meeting platforms. This same format also allowed us to start creating a “library” of audiovisual content which responds to how we are currently learning and exploring topics on the internet.  

Today, we present you a more robust ICA’s YouTube channel where you would find from the own voices of the ICA volunteers, members of the professional sections and archival professionals a myriad of virtual sessions igniting conversations around topics being discussed in the sector, promoting training and advocacy projects, and sharing with our wider community the mission of ICA. 

What will you find in this resource?    

The ICA’s YouTube channel offers 23 playlists labeled with the name of the project or the event related to the content recorded for those initiatives. The International Archives Week is one common topic that you will be able to find here, so if you are interested in watching again the webinars offered in the last three IAW, we invite you to check the following links: 

In 2021, the ICA hosted its first virtual conference, Empowering Knowledge Societies, which took place the week of October 25th, 2021. This virtual conference consisted of 6 live sessions, 10 pre-recorded sessions, 5 networking sessions and 2 keynote presentations. We heard from 60 different speakers about their projects and research initiatives, and we also had the chance to engage in stimulating conversations about digital preservation, emerging technologies, descriptive practices, and the future of the profession in the networking space. For those who did not join us on that week, here is the playlist with the recordings of the sessions included in the professional program.  

In this same year, the Section on Archives and Human Rights (SAHR) started with the project Tuesday Talks, a series of talks on Archives and Human Rights with speakers from different professional and cultural backgrounds. This initiative has evolved in the last year and now it sums up a total of 9 virtual talks. Currently, the talks are hosted on the first Tuesday every two months and in 2022 the first session is scheduled on 6 February. The project is moving forward and for having an idea of the topics that have been discussed, you can check the recordings of the majority of the sessions here:  

Another ICA group that organized a virtual event in 2022 for its members and the ICA community was the Forum of National Archivists (FAN), which was presented under the title FAN Virtual Conversations. This initiative took place over three days and included chaired panels and presentations with representatives of national archives. They had the chance to discuss a wide range of topics relevant to our professional communities, including: developing digitisation programmes, artificial intelligence and digital innovations, resilient records management solutions, shared archival heritage and memory, collaborating on a global scale, and more. To check out these discussions, here is the link to the playlist of this virtual event. 

Finally, if you are interested in knowing more about what ICA does, you can check the following playlists where you will find details on our main professional programs (Training Programme, Africa Programme, New Professsional Programme) and options for project funding (Fund for the International Development of Archives).  

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