RiC-O: Call for reviewers - Open till April 2019

As already said elsewhere (see Flash 33, dated January 2017, Comma 2016 issue 1-2, p. 173-188, and in a recent update), a subgroup of EGAD is working on the development of the Records in Contexts-Ontology (RiC-O), which will be the second part of RiC standard.

There still remains a lot of work to do on the RiC-O files, not to mention that they must be compliant with the latest version of RiC-CM, on which a lot of changes will be made in the next few weeks. So EGAD cannot at this stage release a first version of RiC-O yet. This version will be released before July 2019.

However, the ontology has reached some quite consistent state, and it can be tested. A former version of it, dated February 2018, has been used for a French archival Linked Data prototype. In France, some larger projects are now beginning to use RiC-O as one of the main reference models for creating large RDF datasets from some existing archival metadata. Besides, a small number of people working in several different countries have already asked if they can access the RiC-O files. EGAD has shared the files with them under the conditions listed below.

At this stage, sharing the RiC-O files with a greater number of persons may both help them to begin to think of some small to large scale RiC-O implementation and use that would suit their needs and context, and help EGAD to improve the quality of the ontology (since some feedback would be hopefully provided).

So, if you or your colleagues have some skills in OWL/RDFS ontological modeling, and also on archival science and archival description, and would be interested in accessing the RiC-O files, please fill in this form : https://www.ica.org/en/ica-ric-o-call-for-reviewers.

You will be asked:

  • to give your name, email, institution, a few words about your skills, and explain why you would like to access the files;
  • to agree on three conditions: you will not publish RiC-O or parts of it in any means until a version is published by ICA; you will not give it to other institutions or projects than yours (you will rather invite these institutions or teams to contact EGAD or fill in the same form); you will send to EGAD RiC-O team constructive and accurate feedback before the end of April 2019.
  • to say whether you agree on being added to a listserv that will be created for RiC-O users, and that will enable RiC-O team to discuss some questions with you, and to inform you about any major event about RiC-O.

Once EGAD RiC-O team has gathered some data from the form, their completeness and consistency will be checked, and the latest version of the RiC-O files will be sent to the registered persons, once a month or so. A first version of the files will be sent in January.

The comments can be sent to RIC-O team either using the RiC-O users listserv, or using Florence Clavaud’s email. If needed, some specific tools will be settled for gathering and handling the comments and suggestions.

Please be aware that feedback must be provided in one of the two working languages of ICA (English or French) preferably, or potentially in Spanish.

This call for reviewers is open till March 15 and the reviewers can send feedback till April 30.

Thanks a lot in advance for your interest, constructive comments and suggestions!