RSS Desk

A new tool at your disposal for keeping in touch with ICA.


We developed for each ICA body two RSS [Really Simple Syndication] feed. It will let you follow the news and events from each of them. Here you'll find a W3C tutorial about RSS in order to know how to manage with this technology.



News from all the ICA network


ICA Regional Branches:

ALA - Asociación Latinoamericana de Archivos

ARBICA - Arab Regional Branch

CARBICA - Caribbean Regional Branch

CENARBICA - Regional Branch for Central Africa

EASTICA - East Asian Regional Branch

ESARBICA - Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch

EURASICA - Eurasia Regional Branch

EURBICA - European Regional Branch

NAANICA - North American Archival Network

PARBICA - Pacific Regional Branch

SARBICA - Southeast Asian Regional Branch

SWARBICA - South and West Asian Regional Branch

WARBICA - West African Regional Branch


ICA Sections:

SAE - Section for Archival Education and Training

SAN - Section on Notarial Records

SAR - Section on Architectural Records

SBL - Section for Business and Labour Archives

SIO - Section for Archivists of International Organizations

SKR - Section for Archives of Churches and Religious Denominations

SLA - Section on Literary and Artistic Archives

SMA - Section for Municipal Archives

SPA - Section of Professional Associations

SPO - Section on Sports Archives

SPP - Section for Archives of Parliaments and Political Parties

SSG - Section on Sigillography

SUV - Section on University and Research Institution Archives