Session LT 1 - Lightning Talks

Date Added:

24 October 2019

Chair: Nick Gleghorn, Director South Australia State Office, National Archives of Australia


a. Project Alpha: Re-imagining digital services from the ground up

Catherine Elliott


The National Archives (UK) are embarking on a major project inspired by, the single UK Government website which started life as a prototype built in public to test ideas and technologies. We're taking a 'blank sheet of paper' approach to envisage what we would create if we were to start completely anew with our approach to providing access to our collection online.


Catherine leads the Digital Services department at The National Archives (UK).  Digital Services are responsible for providing access to the collection online, helping the public find their way through the archive and, amongst other things, for developing an experience which engages people with that collection through contextually rich content.  Catherine has worked in the digital space for more than 15 years focusing on creating quality, user-oriented digital experiences across a diverse range of industries and markets including telecommunications, health & beauty retail, commercial ports, broadcast media and music across UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.


b. Front Desks and Reading Rooms: How Inviting Public Spaces Encourage Archival Use, Discovery and Visibility

Zane Metcalfe


This talk will discuss an often forgotten place in public archives - the spaces in which archivists interact with the public. Compared to libraries, archival public-facing spaces are often obscured and underutilised. This contributes to the image of the archive as unknowable and intimidating. This talk discusses why sterile public-facing spaces both obscure archival services and disincentivise their use from the the general public and how adopting aspects of library design-philosophy can encourage public engagement.


Zane Metcalfe is an early career archivist at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He works in both a public interface capacity and in collating and preserving the history of the local region.


c. A missing component? Student academic work in University archives

Elizabeth Nichol


University archives have traditionally focused on governance records, the development of the University and the papers of academics. While many now also collect the archives of student and staff groups, few appear to collect examples of student work as a core element of their collections. This gap in the design of the collections should be questioned and considered.


Dr Elizabeth Nichol worked firstly in the library sector and more recently with tertiary education records and archives. She is currently Records Officer and Archivist at the University of Auckland where she oversees records management at the University and also its governance archives. She also has a particular interest in music archives in both institutions and heritage houses.


d. Design and Implementation of Humanistic Service in Archives Centered on the Public Needs-Chinese Practice

Yuexin Shi - Yujue Wang


This paper introduces how to place the public in the center of collection development to carry out archival services from the experiences of Chinese archives. It includes how to acquire users’ needs, identify collection resources, design projects across borders, and introduce technology.



Yuexin Shi

Yuexin Shi is a a junior at Wuhan University in Hubei province of China. Her major is Archives Science. As sophomore, she joined in a student research project which is related to smart archives, and became the team leader. Last year, she joined the Chinese publicity team of ICA and was responsible for sending articles from The Official Account on WeChat of ICA. So far, she has participated in editing 14 articles.

Yujue Wang 

Yujue Wang is Associate Professor, Archival Science, School of Information Management, Wuhan University, China. She has a Doctor of History from the École Nationale des Chartes, France. She defended her doctoral thesis on communication and use of archival information in July 2014. Now, she is a associate professor of archival science at the School of Information Management in Wuhan University. Her research fields include records and archives management. She teaches courses in basic theory of archival science, and archival legislation.