Share your Archives and Contribute to the ICA Timeline!

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we made available to everyone a virtual exhibition presenting the history of the Council from 1948 to 2018 by highlighting not only Founders, Presidents and Secretaries General but also ordinary members’ events and meetings. In 2023, for our 75th anniversary, we would like to expand this timeline better to portray the rich diversity of our membership and our collective achievements since the ICA’s foundation in 1948.  

We are therefore seeking contributions of images, audio and/or audiovisual content, with supporting text, that presents: 

  • Leadership and governance, showing the people that have contributed to the ICA direction. 
  • ICA Projects, with images of activities, workshops, resources or other elements of the programmes that have been developed and implemented by and for our wide membership. 
  • ICA congresses, conferences, meetings and events, showing special moments in our history that illustrate the ICA’s collegial spirit, its diversity and outreach. 
  • The global impact of ICA, through the Standards, Declarations, Resources and other publications that have been produced by ICA over the years. 

We are especially inviting the professional sections, regional branches, expert groups and former ICA event hosts to reach into their archives and select representative material for inclusion in the exhibition. 

If you would like to contribute to this project, please fill out the following form and attach your records (images, texts or audio). This form will remain open until Sunday, 30 July 2023

Share your Archives and Contribute to the ICA Timeline!