SLA Projects and Events


Protecting the Archives of Dissident Writers

For writers and readers, literature can be a means of resisting repression and of cultural survival.  For researchers, dissident literature can act as a window on political and social conditions and the treatment of citizens by governments.  Creative writers (along with other artists and...

Directory of Literary Manuscripts outside the Home Country

This SLA project proposed the creation of a register of locations for literary authors whose papers are held outside their home country. The directory was intended to focus primarily on large collections.The project has now been adopted by the...

Directory of Resources for Literary Copyright

This project intended to collect information about international copyright laws; conflicts within international copyright; how to clear copyright; how to locate copyright holders; "orphan works"; and all other contemporary issues in literary copyright.  SLA aimed to work closely with ICA's...

Summary of all projects

For the relaunched SLA in the period 2010-2016, the following projects have been suggested:

  • Production of a directory of major repositories of literary and artistic archives;
  • Protecting the archives of dissident writers;
  • A study of all the issues around
  • ...