SLMT Business Meeting, Rome, September 22, 10-13 CET, followed by guided tour

Business Meeting, Rome, September 22, 10-13 CET, followed by guided tour

Archivio di Stato di Roma has kindly accepted to host our business meeting (plenary meeting). All members of SLMT are invited. You can join the Business Meeting without registering for the ICA Conference

Place: Sala Alessandrina, Archivio di Stato, Corso del Rinascimento, 40

There is a coffee machine which supplies water and snacks.



10.00 Official welcome by Director Dr. Michele Di Sivo, Archivio di Stato di Roma

Business meeting, chaired by Søren Bitsch Christensen, SLMT

Presentation of the Board and members present
Program activities of SLMT
As part of this: Presentation of future webinars and social media campaign
General discussion – and round table presentation of members’ activities (if you like)

Mini conference, theme: Archives and local communities

Dr. Peer Boselie (Regionaal Archief Sittard-Geleen / Archief De Domijnen, NL): Archives to the People!

In 2009, in the little city of Sittard (NL) a project started in the Euregional Historic Centre of Sittard-Geleen to bring ‘all’ the archives to the people. By connecting genealogical and geographical data with the help of many volunteers millions of archival facts were scanned, transcribed, tagged, georeferenced and connected to contextualize the history. The project still grows, ‘layers’ can be added, like archaeological info or 3D-presentations.

David Taylor (Public Record Office Victoria’s, AUS): Small Investments with Big Impacts

We recognize the valuable contribution local communities make in preserving Victorian history. Each year, the Local History Grants Program provides small grants of up to A$15,000 for the preservation and sharing of Victorian history by community-based organizations interested in telling the stories from their own communities, preserving their collections, and increasing opportunities for the public to engage with the past. This is called the Victorian Community History Awards.

Dr. Soren Bitsch Christensen (City Archivist, Aarhus City Archives, Denmark): A digital welcome gift

As a citizen of Denmark, you receive your mail from public authorities digitally. This ‘Digital Post’ ensures secure digital communication between citizens and the authorities. Aarhus City Archives developed a service that provides newcomers to the city a Digital Post message with links to georeferenced historical community descriptions and the digital archive.

13.15 Guided tour through the archive by Angelo Restaino, Funzionario Archivista, Archivio di Stato di Roma