Social Media Campaign 2024

Since 2020, in collaboration with our members, we have been designing annual social media campaigns to promote topics related to the archival and records management field so people and organizations outside our sector can learn about our work and the importance of archives and records in our societies. In 2020, we talked about what an archive is under the hashtag #AnArchiveIs. One year later, we focused our attention on talking about #EmpoweringArchives as this campaign built on ICA’s Strategic Plan ‘Empowering Archives and the Profession 2021-2024’, released in November 2020.     

In 2022, we started a discussion around what it means to be an archivist and what archival records truly reflect: stories. The hashtag for 2022 was #ArchivesAreYou. Finally, in 2023, we celebrated #75YearsICA of building a global community of #ArchivesUnited which facilitated the participation of our members in different activities offered for and by our community.  

For 2024, we would like to ask our members what topic they would like to discuss virtually, so we invite you to click the following link to share your thoughts with us on the themes for the ICA social media campaign 2024.  

Click here to share your thoughts