Social Networks IAD 2018

Let's share our experiences of the International Archives Day on social networks... We need you!


We can’t be everywhere on June 9, neither before, despite of the fact that we are putting heart and soul so that you can have a closer experience of the event. On the other hand, with your support, everything can change!


Pictures, videos, recordings or simple messages... Whatever means you prefer to express yourself will do so that you can immortalise your experience of this International Archives Day. Being the narrator of your day will be your benefit.


Specify the location and what will you do on this day. An activity that surprises you, that allows you to discover and learn about archives? A place that touches you, makes you shiver, shake or that astonishes you? Send us your photos, videos and comments; we will be happy to disseminate them with our thanks, or a mention and, certainly, you will gain some followers.


All you need is a smartphone with internet and the desire of sharing us your experience.

Where should you post?

Post with our hashtag: #IAD18

Now is your turn. Give us the best International Archives Day!

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