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The 2019 Annual Meeting of the ICA-SPP took place in Rome on the 28th and 29th november and it was attended by the following members of the Section and by an ICA representative:

Dr. Karin SCHNEIDER, Austrian Parliamentary Archives
Prof. Dr. Ewald GROTHE, Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit - Archiv des Liberalismus
Dr. Inda NOVOMINSKY, Israeli Knesset Archives
Dr. Giampiero BUONOMO, Italian Parliamentary
Dr. Paolo MASSA, Historical Archives
Dr. Ana Margarida RODRIGUES, Portuguese Parliamentary Historical Archives
Dr. Sandra RODRIGUEZ BERMEJO, Spanish Congress of Deputies Archives
Dr. Günther SCHEFBECK, Former SPP Steering Committee Chairman
Dr. Emilie GAGNET LEUMAS, The I.C.A. Representative in the Section Meeting

To know more about the meeting and its proceedings go to "Reviving ICA-SPP".