Steering Committee

Our mission is to encourage and facilitate communication and knowledge sharing among the member associations and between the ICA organization and association members.

In accordance with the general objectives of ICA, the aims of FPA are to:

  •  promote closer collaboration among records management and archival professional associations
  •  gather and disseminate information about the activities of records management and archival professional associations
  •  encourage and assist the establishment of new professional records management and archival associations
  •  promote and maintain the ICA Code of Ethics
  •  carry out projects of professional interest

Our main objectives are the following:

  • Better utilize online and social media channels two increase communication with member associations.
  • Improve the content on the FPA website and make it the nucleus for associations and their members
  • Realize growth of member associations in ICA/FPA and strengthen the network
  • Implement projects which promote and benefit the archives and records management profession.