Strategic strands

PCOM's four strategic strands are:

In addition to the work of the Programme Commission, the work and initiatives of the regional branches, sections, and expert groups feed into and are supported by the professional programme.

All of these actions come together in PCOM's Business Plan, which is periodically updated. It is used to identify gaps and duplication and updated accordingly, so that ICA's professional programme as a whole is a powerful and coherent response to the challenges facing the profession in the early 21st century.
The professional programme is constantly under construction: every year new projects and products, conferences and seminars, standards and publications are proposed by and to ICA's members. However, the programme relies on members' needs, expectations and ideas. ICA is providing the framework, it is up to members to decide the content!

PCOM welcomes individual projects that are innovative, creative and meet a real professional need. For more information about how to apply for endorsement or funding for your project go to the PCOM funding application page.

You can also email and one of the PCOM team will get back to you.