Successful applications for archival development - The Pacific, Eastern and Southern Africa and Central America.

The first call for applications for the newly revived FIDA (International Fund for the Development of Archives) was launched on May 2010. Ten applications were received from institutions and individuals and from different part of the world Africa, Europe, The Pacific, and Central America. 

These applications were assessed by the FIDA Board of trustees at its Second meeting of the year held in Oslo, in the framework of the CITRA, on 12 September 2010.

Of the applications four were agreed to merit further discussion and as a result of this dialogue with the applicants three were accepted now as meeting the Trustees’ criteria. Three were unfortunately not correctly completed and the applicants concerned were invited to re-apply on the correct form. Three others were very interesting but were not within the scope of FIDA which is about assisting the development of archives and archivists for themselves not about, for example, digitizing their collections. The method of assessment is by completion of a form, either for an individual application or for a group/organization application, which is then considered as to whether it meets the criteria defined by FIDA in advance of the meeting. The criteria are based on the PARBICA checklist of self-assessment where that is appropriate. The Trustees also require references from the referees cited, before they can consider the applications.

There were three successful candidates from this round.

  • One was from the Pacific Region; it provided funding for a short time placement of a Fijian based archivist to go to the National Archives of New Zealand to enhance her skills on appraisal techniques and disposal schemes. This placement started at the end of November 2010 has now been completed successfully.
  • A second project is from Africa. It will focus on training Audio-visual Archivists, Photographic Conservators and Archivists from the ESARBICA region on the care and management of audio-visual formats and photographic collections. This training will be about the basics. FIDA Chair and ESARBICA are in close contact to get this training underway as soon as possible.
  • A third project is from Central America. The project aims to provide an initial training programme in archives and records management for untrained staff who already have responsibilities for records and archives. Professional trainers will deliver a 3 day practical training programme in archives and records management skills to up to 25 staff from government agencies and not-for-profit organizations in Guyana. An additional 1 day workshop, to embed the training and provide techniques for participants to cascade learning and build capacity, will be provided for 15-20 participants. This training will be in place in Spring 2011.

The last project which was favourably received by the Board of Trustees comes from Portuguese speaking Africa. FIDA could fund the training on the semi current records management (including appraisal). It is part of a full project which deals with construction, training and equipment of 3 pilot record centers. However, this project cannot be put in place until a number of adjustments to the proposal are made. FIDA Chair is pursuing the discussion with the applicant and with other colleagues who may be able to help.

Where FIDA cannot help applicants but considers the proposal has merit the Trustees will on occasions try to find other grant giving bodies who might be willing to consider the a proposal to them from the applicant and the applicant will be so advised. This will not be possible in all cases of course.

Funds committed and or spent 19,000 Euros to date.