Supported Events

Digital preservation of archives: experiences and transfer projects 

Organized by SOS Archivi.  

Date and Hour: Tuesday, 7th June 2022 / 17.00 CET 

Language: Italian 

Watch this webinar here: SOS Archivi Youtube channel 

Webinar Summary 

For at least twenty years, digital preservation has been at the center of the initiatives of the Italian legislator, but it is also the subject of standardization interventions at international and European level. In the last decade, custody services have been developed in many countries that comply with regulatory provisions and consistent with the reference standards, in particular with the ISO 14721 (OAIS) standard. 

Among the activities and requirements considered critical, a significant weight is recognized to the quality of the payments of archival documents in the storage deposit. It is on this aspect that the digital talk focuses, with the aim of illustrating the most significant requirements and the most critical issues, comparing some concrete experiences: those carried out in Italy by the Emilia-Romagna Regional Archival Center (ParER), presented by Gabriele Bezzi, and in Europe by the Historical Archives of the European Union, which will be discussed by Samir Musa. Silvia Trani is entrusted with the task of describing the project dedicated to payments to the digital deposit of the Central State Archives. Introduces and moderates Mariella Guercio. 

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#ArchivesAreYou: A professional perspective 

Organized by ALA.  

Date and Hour: Thursday, 9th June 2022 / 11:00 – 13:30 CDT 

Language: Spanish 

Watch this webinar here: ALA Facebook 

Webinar Summary 

The Latin American Archival Association (ALA) in conjunction with the Judicial Branch of the State of Mexico and the International Council on Archives (ICA), invite the archival community of Ibero-America to join the #ArchivesAreYou Seminar in commemoration of "International Archives Day", where panelists will speak on each of the topics addressed in the social media campaign of the International Council on Archives (ICA) 2022 #ArchivesAreYou: from the voice of archivists, archives represent the professional practice and standards of archivists. We will seek to reflect on how archival practices influence what is inside or outside the "archival document," how our practices reflect professional biases, and how documents impact us with the stories they tell. 


  • Mayra Marta Mena Mugica, Archivist (Cuba) 
  • Mauricio Vázquez Bevilacqua, Archivist (Uruguay) 
  • Francisco Ernesto Valdez García, Archivist (México) 
  • Ignacio Manuel Epinayú Pushaina, Archivist (Colombia) 
  • Otto Manjarrez González, Archivist (México) 
  • Emma de Ramon Acevedo, Director National Archive, Chile and ALA’s President 
  • María Paula García Mosquera, Representative of the International Council on Archives (ICA) 


Archives in Africa: state of play and perspectives 

Organized by the Archives of Morocco in collaboration with the Africa Programme 

Date and hour: Thursday, 9 June and Friday, 10 June 2022  

Language: French 

Take a look at the full programme here.  

Event Summary 

Following the celebration by the African Union of the year 2021 as the year of Arts, Culture and Heritage, which coincides with the 10th anniversary of its foundation, the Archives of Morocco has organized, on June 9 and 10, 2022, in partnership with the École nationale des chartes - PSL (Paris), the École des sciences de l'information (ESI, Rabat), the Haute école de Genève, and the International Council on Archives, a colloquium dedicated to the theme "Archives in Africa: state of the art and perspectives". 

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