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Videotape Identification and Assessment Guide

Videotape Identification and Assessment Guide. It is a resource website from Texas Commission on The Arts (TCA) created in order to answer common questions among those responsible for safeguarding videotapes.


This is a guide for the identification and treatment of the video tape. It contains information of the main formats, many of which are already obsolete. It also offers practical advice to carry out the inspection and the storage in the right conditions to ensure long time preservation.

The highlights:

• It is a web resource accessible to anyone who has responsibilities to safeguard videotapes.

• It allows you to quickly identify the main formats of video tape, as it contains a big number of images.

• It contains the basic technical information on each format, it identifies the main risks for the conservation and it recommends storage conditions.

• It contains links to the main primary resources about conservation and video treatment.

• You can found the references to the sources used in making this guide on the same page.

Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) depends on the government of Texas. TCA includes a large number of professionals in the world of the culture and the arts. Its mission is to promote the arts through programs of grants and scholarships and it provides services to cultural industries.

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