SUV 2015: Annual Conference "Audiovisual Archives in Universities and Research Institution", Chapel Hill, 13-16 juillet 2015

The International Council on Archives Section on University and Research Institution Archives (ICA-SUV) will hold its annual conference 13-15 July 2015 at the University of North Carolina's Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library in Chapel Hill, N.C., USA.


The program will address the increasing role that audiovisual archives play in documenting our institutions, societies, and cultures and explore the challenges posed by these archives in universities and research institutions. Despite growing recognition of the complexities of managing audiovisual archives and the urgency of tackling the challenges, few universities and research institutions have adequate resources to address the myriad difficulties faced by archivists grappling to preserve and facilitate the use of this valuable documentation. The conference will provide opportunities to discuss long-standing concerns about the preservation of and access to original media and to explore the opportunities and challenges that digital technologies present.


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