SUV Conference 2023

B079.18.00022 by Dúchas © National Folklore Collection, UCD, is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

The 2023 ICA-SUV conference will take place on May 29-31, 2023 in Dublin, Ireland, hosted by the University College Dublin. The theme of the conference is TURNING THE WHEEL: ACCESS TO ARCHIVES – TRADITION AND VARIATION.

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Travel tips for conference delegates

* These are recommendations only. Please make sure you do your own research before traveling.

1. Getting to UCD from Dublin airport

a. Taxi to UCD Village Reception - apprx. 45-60 euro. Tip: ask if the taxi has a card reader (some don't).

b. AirCouch (Bus route 700) - 12 euro single / 17 euro return. Can be purchased at the airport or booked online. Stops are called out. Our stop is UCD. The reception is about 10 min walk from the stop.

Map of UCD Residences

2. UCD Residences

  • UCD Village Reception is open 24/7. It's is one of the tallest buildings on campus
  • Check-in is from 3 pm
  • There is a luggage room available if you arrive early (there is a food hall and hang out areas available)
  • Rooms are equipped with a single bed and a desk and have a private bathroom
  • Bed linen is provided, but no towels (there is a convenience store nearby where guests can buy a towel)
  • UCD Village reception tel. +353 1 716 7000

3. Getting from UCD Campus to Dublin city centre

  • Bus 39A runs 24/7
  • Single ride ticket costs apprx. 1-2 euro
  • One can pay with a Leap Card (can be purchased in a convenience store on campus and topped up online), or with cash (no change)
  • Another option is Uber / FreeNow

4. Miscellaneous - what to bring:

  • A raincoat!
  • UK type adapter